Unfortunate Event


Unfortunately this PLP will have to change from photography to embroidery as my car had been broken into and my camera which I was taking everywhere for the project had been stolen. Luckily I do have another hobby that I just started and am learning! Machine Embroidery has actually been taking up most of my time lately and I’ve been having fun learning the functions and have also learned how to digitize designs to stitch them using my machine! Here are my essentials for my current projects:

Machine - Brother PE-880 (5x7 Hopp)
Digitizing Software - Embird 
USB flash drive 

Setting up the machine, learning what a bobbin was/is(and learning how to wind it), and setting up the thread took about an hour. After that learning how to use the trial version embird to digitize a drawing took another hour. Then I learned I couldn’t export it into a PES file (file needed for the machine to read stitch patterns) with the trial version so I had to buy the program. I waited a couple of days, bought the program, and then I made my first design! 

I used black felt and white thread with a satin outline around and used satin for the eyebrows. I messed up the thread a bit while trimming around the edges but I still enjoyed working on it . 

My second design came to me a couple of days later with some old pink silk fabric I had laying around. I wanted to make a crown for my daughter with gold metallic thread, a silver metallic heart, and her name also in pink. So I went to google images, looked up crown and started to digitize an image I found for her crown. I modified it so I can place her name under and this is how it turned out. 
As you can see it didn’t come out to great but my 4 year old loves it. The thread kept ripping and unthreadding during the stitching process which is why you see some white spots throughout the design. I tried to fix it by threading over it again and then it created a double line on the left and right side of the crown. 
The next design is small ghost that is slightly intoxicated. I found this art in a drawing thread I came across and wanted to digitize it as it looked simple. This one I also used felt fabric like the first design with a Velcro backing so I can stick it up in my closet. 


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