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PLP Project

Rationale:   My rationale for this project came from the fact while the new rollout of OCP (Official Camouflage Pattern) uniform for the United States Air Force. I wasn’t wanting to pay a premium to order patches and our unit needed some patches for our new uniforms. So I took it upon myself to learn the craft of machine embroidery to make patches. While researching and getting started I realized how intricate this process may be and I could maybe save some time for others who are wanting to also make embroidery designs starting from scratch and learning how to digitize their own designs. Crawl before we can walk, that’s how this course will be designed. Audience: The intended audience for users who are just get starting and want to digitize their designs and get them from a picture, to a stich count, then onto the machine, and finally onto fabric. So they can see their creations come to life. Outcomes and Assessments: My outcome for this course for users to be